FAQ: 2stitch Organizer

Is it really free?

Yes. The current feature set, which consists of the following functionality is free - and we don't have any plans to change this:

  • Import embroidery designs
  • View, tag, sort
  • Copy to machine (USB stick)

We have plans to add more features in the future, which might cost some money. E.g., converting or editing designs.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality software at a price that everybody can afford.

What can users do to support the development?

Share. Share. Share.

Please tell your friends about 2stitch Organizer, post about it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your blog,... whatever you have.

We need a decent community to continue with the work on the tool.

Who are you? And why are you doing this?

My name is Andreas Löw, I am the CEO of a small software company called CodeAndWeb, located in Germany. We develop tools for web and game developers.

My daughter bought an embroidery machine last year, and I was really disappointed with the software available on the net. It seems that all affordable tools to manage and create embroidery designs are outdated and/or awkward to work with.

All other tools which delivered the functionality I wanted were way out of budget for my daughter - aimed at professional designers.

This is why I decided to create 2stitch Organizer.

On which computers does the software run?

We support current versions of Windows (7,8,10) and macOS (starting with 10.12).

What about tablets running Android or iOS?

No. I really like my tablet, but I can't imagine working on embroidery designs on such a device. The screen is simply too small for this.

The 2stitch Organizer is not working!

We are offering you the software for free — no ads, no hidden fees, but we unfortunately have no resources to help you with problems.

To give you support we would have to charge for the product which we don't want to do at the current point in time.


When will 2stitch Studio be released?

This will take some time... we currently want to see how many users are going to use 2stitch Organizer. After all it does not make sense to invest time and money in software development if we can't find enough users for the free software.

If we get a big enough community for the organizer, we'll start developing additional features like converting or editing desings, adding text, and more.

This new functionality is going to be moved to the 2stitch Studio.