2stitch Studio

Affordable embroidery software. Easy as cake.

for Windows
Also available for macOS

Create your own design

With 2stitch creating your own designs is as easy as cake.


Draw your own design

Use the powerful tools to build your own designs with lines and filled shapes. Apply different fill and outline stitches to your shapes.

You can even store the design elements in the shape library for future use.


Use design elements from the built-in shape library

2stitch comes with a design element library with many shapes that you can use to enrich and compose your designs.

You can modify the shapes in all possible ways. Apply different fill and outline stitches to it.


Add text and monograms

Use the fonts from your computer to create texts and monograms. You can use fonts with fills and outline stitches.

Letters can be modified, bent, distored or typed along lines and other shapes.

So, what does it look like?

Our focus is to provide you with a clean and easy to use piece of software.

Stitches & Fills

Use the following stitches to create your designs.
More fill and outline types will be available in future versions of the software.


Running Stitch

A simple stitch that runs along the shape outline.

Satin Run

The satin stitch that runs along the outline of your shape.

Motive Run

A motive that runs along the outline of the shape. Use the included designs or create your own.

Satin Fill

Satin fill applies a shiny fill stitch to fill your shapes.

Motive Fill

Fills the shape with a motive from the library.

Pattern Fill

Fills the shape with a pattern such as Tatami, Hearts, Diamonds and more.

Works on your computer and your embroidery machine

Runs on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu (Linux).
No Emulator. Instant download.
Fair pricing. No dongle.

Supported embroidery machine brands

2stitch can export your designs in for following formats for the common embroidery machine brands:

Poem, Huskygram, SingerCSD
Babylock, Brother, DecoPEC, PES
Janome, Elna, KenmoreSEW
Husqvarna Viking, PfaffVIP
Compucon, SingerXXX

And finally...

Automatic Undersewing

Fills and satin stiches require some underlay to stabilize the design. 2stitch automatically creates it for you.

Pull compensation

Pull compensation extends the fill stitches outside of the shape to compensate for pull effects in the fabric.

Thread chest

2stitch contains a library of common thread brands and their colors to choose from. Build your own palette from the colors you have at your disposal.

Stitch simulation

Preview how your design is stitched before sending it to your embroidery machine.

Realistic and stitch view

See stitches in detail in the stitch view or preview your desing using the realistic render mode.

Import designs

You can import existing embroidery designs in the following formats:
.ART, .CND, .CSD, .DST, .DSZ, .EMB, .EMD, .EXP, .HUS, .JAN, .JEF, .PCS, .PCM, .PES, .PHB, .PHC, .PHD, .SEW, .SHV, .TAP, .VIP, .VP3, .XXX